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The Coalition Government refers to the Government which ruled Liberalia from August 2006 to September 2006, before its collapse after the resignation of Soccersian.

[edit] Why did it happen?

Prime Ministers:


Soccersian (August-September 2006)

The results of the August 2006 elections in Liberalia were tied for the first time in regional history. As there were no laws to cover this possibility, there were two possible availabilities, either a coalition government by formed, or another vote take place. The two candidates, Fernetti of the Liberal Party, and Soccersian, of the Centre-Right Party, met together to discuss and agreed to form the joint government that the public had come to expect. Surprisingly, however, Liberalia also received two Prime Ministers, with neither willing to let the other have the job alone. Thus, a somewhat uneasy status endured for several weeks.

The initial work of the government seemed to go well enough, but after a month, it was clear that disaster loomed. Soccersian's unexplained absence from Liberalia for over a week allowed Fernetti to act freely and to implement the removal of the Defence Ministry Traffic Ban upon The Serenade, which Soccersian would later claim he was never consulted on, but nevertheless agreed to it. However, Fernetti explained this was because of Soccersian's absence that he needed to act as soon as possible, and that he also mentioned in his speech he was willing to discuss the ban lift with Soccersian if he had any problems with it. When Soccersian returned, on September 4th 2006, Liberalians were soon horrified, when he proceeded to conduct private diplomacy with The Serenade, with which Fernetti had been working for a solution, while bitterly criticising members of his own government. Soccersian failed to consult Fernetti or his cabinet in his actions in The Serenade and the peace deal he had offered them had not been presented to Liberalians. Horrified by what they saw on The Serenade forum, as well as Soccersian's attitudes towards his ministers, most notably the Secretary of Recruitment, and his overruling of the Guardian Council, the ministerial team started to take action. On September 7th, the largest resignation spree in Liberalian history occurred, lasting for three days. At its end, all five ministers had resigned, along with numerous secretaries. Their reasons for doing so were similar; distaste at Soccersian's foreign policy, his lack of respect for their colleagues, and his attitudes towards Liberalia's own members. Soccersian then immediately appointed new replacement ministers, once again not doing any consulting or planning with Fernetti. Today, some Liberalians still believe that Soccersian's actions came very close to destroying the fragile situation between Liberalia and The Serenade, which was not especially good at the time. It was almost a week before the situation was sorted out, but only after the banning of Serenadian representatives, the ejections of spy nations, and general chaos, partially fuelled by the popular anti-Serenade sentiment at the time.

Two days after the resignation spree, Soccersian himself decided to resign, having lost the confidence of most of his government, and that of his co-prime minister. It has been stated that Soccersian's attitude towards Fernetti and his failure to share leadership with him was the single greatest reason for the failure of the Coalition Government, which ceased to exist on September 9th after the largest opposition campaign in Liberalian history. Later that day, Fernetti slightly re-did the cabinet and the new ministers soon re-accepted their jobs.

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